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BookShelf Rental System

What I do?

Multi-motor control

Three different types motors were designed to work for variety of units in this huge machine. DC motors have lower cost on the book delivery unit which contol the belt's linear motion. To achieve rotation joint on Y-axis, stepper motors were selected to guarantee the accuracy of angle. This machine also has two large servo motors to control the robotic arm moving on XY axis.

Therefore, this machine used both stepper and servo motor drivers. It's a challenge to install, calibrate and coordinate the link with different types motors.


What I do?

PLC programing and control

PLC is widely used in the industry field. Every companies have different commands and softwares for their own products. Except these, the logic of program is never change. We spent majority time on designing the potential situation which the system may be faced. So we created some rules to restrict the machince's motion. Also, we built the logic for coordinating different motor.

What I learn?

This project took me more close to real industry design. It provides optinuity to use my knowledge and idea to design a real machine which will really produce and sells to customers. It reminded me once again on how importance of cost in industrial production and design. Some materials and parts which have high profromance but high cost can not be called as good design.
I also realized that the gap between American and Chinese industry. China has more complete and faster supply chain than United States. But US factory has more care and accurate on theirs products.

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