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Self-chekout Cafeteria Desk

What I do?

Dual-antenna-broadcast system

I attended team which designed dual-antenna-broadcast system and charged of testing this system. We overlaped two coils by specific angle to catch signal from different dinneseware poses which could be faced in daily use.During the test, I need to find the a way to record and visualize the electromagnetic field to determine the limits of system.


What I do?

Built-in chip dinnerware

To produce the quality dinnerware, company sent me to a factory for a general production training. After I learned basic knowledge, I attend the production process to find the way which improve lifetime of the chip and lower defective rate in the process.

What I learn?


The knowledge of radio frequency, thermoforming technology and general test logic was learned from this project. It also let me realize again how standards and processes effect the product production. This is first time that I became a co-leader for a project.

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